Credit Card Processing

with Ignite Payments

Ignite Payments looks for every opportunity to help customers get more value from every transaction. We develop innovative solutions to make payments simpler, faster, safer and more rewarding. Ignite Payments offers small and mid-size businesses merchant accounts that enable you to accept nearly every type of payment solution to give your business the tools it needs to succeed
  • Ignite Payments is a global technology and payments processing leader, serving more than 6 million merchant locations, thousands of card issuers and millions of consumers worldwide.
  • Flexible payment acceptance options with a variety of point-of-sale payment solutions to meet business needs
  • Cardholder security is our first priority at Ignite Payments
  • Grow your business and your bottom line with one of the industry’s most complete gift card programs

Point of Sale (POS)

Software Solutions from Dinerware

Dinerware is intuitive POS software designed to help bars and restaurants operate smoothly and was created to be easy to learn, use and modify - from the restaurateur's point of view.
  • Dinerware is highly flexible and accommodates many service environments
  • Dinerware tracks all sales, inventory and provides several reports
  • Simple to learn, easy to use-Dinerware POS software streamlines your business
  • Dinerware's Virtual Client API allows other applications to achieve real-time access into the system for purposes of integration and customization
  • Handheld Table Service Devices
  • Table Service with iPad/iPod Touch/iPhones connectivity

Online & Mobile Payments

with eProcessing Network

The eProcessingNetwork Payment Gateway enables merchants to securely Process and Control their Internet, Mobile, Point of Sale, Recurring and Business Financial Software transactions.
  • Solutions for retail, online, mobile and wireless merchants
  • Mobile Solutions- process from your smart phone
  • Quickbooks Integration, Recurring billing platform, Inventory Management
  • Online terminal, Gateway and Shopping Cart options

Our Custom Solutions

are tailored for your business

We have partnered with the best providers to offer our customers the very best in custom solutions for credit card processing and so much more.
  • POS (Point of Sale) Units
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Credit Card Terminals
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Social Media Classes
  • Custom Gift Card Programs
  • Restaurant Education
  • Payment Industry Education
  • TeleCheck
  • PCI Compliance
  • Smart Phone Processing
  • Online Gateways
  • Interchange Plus Pricing
  • Flat Rate Pricing
  • Quickbooks Integration
  • Cash Advance Programs

Our Customers

  • "Amazing service for my first restaurant!

    I did all cc processing set up process through email. Justin & his staff were so dedicated to excellent service, they would make sure I understand the terms & process before I signed anything.

    About their POS system, I only have one word to say, "Fabulous"! Justin & his staff were so patient with us, it was unbelievably a very pleasant experience. He came out to the restaurant completely prepared, installed and trained staff who never worked with any pos before.

    I would not switch or seek for a service from anyone else. In fact, I will be switching my dental business merchant account to North Bay.

    Thanks Justin! You are awesome!"
    Juliette Lee
    Piquant Bistro
  • "As a new food service store owner drinking from the proverbial fire hose learning too quickly how much there is to learn, Justin and his NBC crew have been an invaluable resource. It has been reassuring to know that the merchant services part of the operation is in no worries status. Justin has been free with his rolodex, experience and expertise getting us to the right people, other professionals we need to fill our knowledge gaps while these issues have nothing to do with his company product offering. Justin has demonstrated his commitment to us and our success by going above and beyond what a traditional vendor might offer, he comports himself as a business partner."
    Michael Coutre
    RBC Wealth Management
  • "Merchant card services... were you smiling when you read that? I didn't think so. Look, it doesn't get any simpler than this. I know a guy who can and will save any merchant who is not already using his services money. He knows his business inside and out, and you get total attention to your needs and prompt in person customer service. And how can I forget, totally nice guy. So go ahead and call Clinton if your into that whole money-saving-customer-service-from-a-truly-nice-guy-thing - and start smiling."
    Robert Revel
    Owner, Founder
  • "Cline Collision Center Inc. has been using North Bay Cardservice for all of our credit card processing needs for a few years now. They're professional, courteous and provide exceptional customer service. Our representative Scott Bagala signed us up and explained everything thoroughly. Scott trained my staff and setup our equipment in a timely manner. Their rates are competitive and absolutely NO hidden fees. I definitely recommend North Bay Cardservice."
    Jason Cline
  • "North Bay Cardservice has been very flexible and accommodating to our business needs. Their company has seamlessly handled all of our needs including POS equipment and service, gift cards and merchant services."
    Adel's Restaurant
  • "I would love to give a testimony on how wonderful Jill from North Bay Cardservices has been to Stevenson Supply. Jill is easy to reach by phone, email or fax. She has helped us out when we ran out of credit card machine paper... by running us over your personal stash. Not to mention having an order placed and delivered by the next business day. Everyone at North Bay Cardservices has been so helpful when setting up our second location and getting our credit card machine up and running. As the Bookkeeper at Stevenson Supply and working directly with you, I would highly recommend North Bay Cardservice."
    Kimberly Nordby
    Stevenson Supply & Tractor Co.
  • "North Bay Cardservice is one of our President's Club agent offices marking the office as being one of our elite clients. They have a drive for success and it shows in how they run and operate the business."
    Ignite Payments
  • "Over the last three years, I have worked with Justin on countless projects and have not only found him to be a reliable, proficient and professional partner, but he has also become a trusted friend. Justin has worked in the payment industry for more than a decade and I have counted on his expertise on many occasions. His attitude, ambition and tenacity along with his great sense for business have all contributed to Justin's enviable success."
    G6 Technology
  • "North Bay Cardservice has always been very responsive to my needs. I have had many merchant accounts over the years, and each time that I have had to open an account, I always get fast and prompt service. Also, whenever I have a question, I only have to email my question over and I get an answer right away. I have also had experience with fees that were charged to my account that I tried personally to get reversed to no avail, however, when North Bay got involved, I was able to get a resolution. I am very impressed with the customer service provided by North Bay."
    Dr. Larry LeGunn
  • "I took over my business a couple of months ago and we were not set up to take credit cards. A friend referred me to Antonio, and he was here THE SAME DAY!! By the end of the week, I was all set up to take cards! Even though, I still would rather take cash (wouldn’t we all??) he made this process easy and has been there every step of the way as I get my business off the ground. I literally cannot believe the number of customers that have come in saying Antonio sent them or that he talked highly of my business. Great guy and I look forward to working with him more in the future!!!"
    Veronica W.
  • "Justin's company provided High Tech Burrito with a terrific new POS system including powerful Social Media components to increase our tickets counts and marketing possibilities. In addition, we migrated our merchant processing to Ignite Payments through North Bay Cardservice. The savings from merchant processing and Social Media marketing opportunities should pay for the entire POS in two years or less. His team programmed and implemented the POS through-out all 13 of our locations in a timely fashion. Overall a very good business decision and a good strategic partnership for High Tech Burrito. I would certainly recommend North Bay Cardservice to anyone."
    High tech Burrito
  • "We give accolades to Justin and Kerrie and to rest of the excellent crew at North Bay Cardservice. Their assistance in training and support has been invaluable in a hectic holiday season at our shop Tallulah in Healdsburg, Ca. The systems in place are a boon for our business and our bookkeeper as well. They are helping to grow our business with the addition of Custom Tallulah Gift Card which are available for purchase, reloadable and carry our logo which generates additional sales. We look forward to many years ahead in partnership with North Bay Cardservice. Bravo!!!!"
    Denise Trefry
    Owner: Tallulah
  • "Clinton Jarvis took over the payment services for one of my client who owned a restaurant and saved them $800/month!

    He provided them with excellent customer service and set up their system. Since then I introduced Clinton to more businesses and he has saved money to each. Clinton is available and prompt. He knows his stuff!"
    Jeff Lecoeuche
    Farmers Insurance
  • "I was very impressed with Justin from day 1 of doing business with him. He has energy, passion and drive for great results for everyone in the relationship. There are few people that have Justin's energy level. And while Justin delivers great results, he does so with a tremendous degree of upstanding character- which is very important to us. I am thrilled to have Justin as a business partner, and would highly recommend him as a service provider!"
  • "I referred Clinton to one of my best clients, who processes several hundred thousand dollars a year in credit card purchases. Clinton followed up immediately, and met with my client, was able in short order to determine where he was spending too much, and give a proposal. He was extremely professional, and made me look great to my client. Beyond this, I know that Clinton provides an unheard-of level of service to his clients, is available when needed, and is knows how to solve the issues that can come up with credit card processing. I've known several others in the industry, and have used their services. I wish I'd known Clinton then! I'd have made more money, and my stress levels would have been much lower."
    Charles Lindauer
    Lindauer Mac Consulting
  • "Justin has been great to work with. He services our 19 nightclubs and gets personally involved in any problems that arise. We are very happy with the service he provides."
    19 Location Nightclub
  • "I have been extremely satisfied working with North Bay Cardservice. Justin and his team are professional, knowledgeable about their product, and tailored a plan to work with my small business. Their customer service is always fast, efficient, and friendly. I would highly recommend using Justin and North Bay Cardservice."
    Veronica Passalacqua
    Copa Vida MedSpa
  • "I am doing business with Kerrie because of 3 reasons:

    #1 She responds immediately and is pleasant to work with. #2 With her credit card processing the payments go into my account the next day as long as I batch out by 4pm which normally takes 2-3 days with visa and mastercard and up to four days with AMEX. #3 SHE'S SAVING ME MONEY AT THE SAME TIME!

    PS:: OH YEA!! Almost forgot. She has a lot of community connections as well. I think it will be very good for your business. I think the two of you would be able to refer a lot of business to one another! "
    Letitia Hanke-Ryzhkov
  • "Clinton gets an A+++ in costumer service. He was completely hands on and user-friendly in helping me get my very small business set up taking credit cards. I feel comfortable calling him anytime, knowing he will respond quickly if there is a problem. When I told him I was afraid of losing my small device, he surprised me later that day with a lanyard to attach to it so I won't lose it. He's the best!!!!"
    Junelle Porter
  • "Antonio ROCKS!! His action in response to some issues I had with our initial set up was fantastic. It actually was my fault, I will admit, but he was there to explain everything again. I wish I had not wasted so much time AND MONEY on my previous company. I recommend anyone using Antonio and North Bay Cardservice."
    Cindy L.
  • "Justin is dedicated to providing his clients with the best products and services and is always looking for new and innovative ways to help increase customer revenue and efficiency. He is a great partner and I look forward to working with Justin for many years to come."
    Tabbed Out
  • "Working with Clinton has truly been a professional experience. He's communicative and effective and has made our workflow here in our store vastly more productive. His service continues to benefit us daily."
    Santa Rosa Copy
  • "Justin is a outcome oriented guy. He is focused on the result with the ability to deliver it. He also knows, when his clients are successful, so is he; thus all the additional ~ ancillary educational opportunities and suggestions. If you want things done, call Justin; they, and more, will be done."
    Canevari's Ravioli Deli
  • "I have been working with Clinton at North Bay Cardservice. My card services bill was cut in half for the same level of service from a competing company. We are very satisfied with Clinton as our representative. May I suggest that Clinton review your credit card service statement and have him give you a quote."
    Dr. David Anderson
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