North Bay Cardservice is proud to offer Dinerware restaurant POS Software to our clients. We have done extensive research on restaurant POS and not one software product comes close to the functionality and versatility of Dinerware.

Founded in 2000, Seattle-based Dinerware provides restaurant point of sale software solutions to the hospitality industry. Dinerware can be found in upscale restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, bar and grills, fast casual restaurants, counter service establishments, quick serve restaurants, hotels, casinos, golf courses and wineries. Dinerware restaurant POS software is designed to help bars and restaurants operate smoothly. Dinerware was created to be easy to learn, use and modify - from the restaurateur's point of view.

Dinerware is highly flexible and accommodates many service environments. For example, fine dining restaurants have different needs than bars or cafes. Whatever the type of establishment, Dinerware helps staff and managers complete tasks fast and efficiently in a way that works best for them.

Experience the difference

Dinerware tracks all sales, provides report breakdowns by tender type, and calculates the server banks. Server reconciliation is fast so servers and cashiers can print daily reports and settle with the house in minutes.

Reliable core technology

Dinerware is designed for Microsoft SQL Server. Experience unparalleled reliability, high performance and live access to valuable data using software such as Microsoft Excel.

Dinerware follows state of the art design principles, promoted by the Microsoft .NET initiative. The n-tier architecture delivers a robust system that capitalizes on powerful hardware platforms.

Dinerware Online Ordering

Ask about the afforadble Dinerware Online Ordering subscription and start selling more today!

Instant sales via your website! Dinerware Online Ordering allows guests to choose items from your menu, place and pay for their orders - all with a few short clicks. And since the orders are processed via your website directly into your Dinerware system, the order can be processed in the kitchen without the need for additional staff.

Increase sales with instant, integrated web orders

Add a revenue stream and make your website sell for you! Offer customers the convenience of buying from your website - without the expense of adding staff. When an online order is submitted, it is routed directly to the kitchen from your Dinerware system. No extra steps or staff!

Integrated credit card processing

Dinerware Online Ordering is directly integrated with the Dinerware operating system, including credit card integrations available on the core system. Void, add tips, adjust the amount and apply discounts with ease. No second merchant account required!

Secure web orders pull direct from your Dinerware menu

Your Dinerware menu is linked directly to the web ordering service, so customers can browse the menu, add items and modifiers and place orders directly from the web. Updates to your Dinerware system are pushed to the web service, so changes appear online without assistance from tech support! Plus, you and your customers have peace of mind paying online because customer payments are securely processed using industry-standard encryption tools.

Delivery System - Set Distance limits and take-out messages

Need to include an area limited for deliveries? It's a snap - drag and click on the area map to create your delivery range. Customers outside your delivery area will see a message with your optional take out hours.

No faxing required - Say goodbye to jams, lost orders or busy signals

This is not a fax-based solution, so orders cannot be lost! No paper jams, busy signals or other headaches associated with a fax system. Web orders are part of your Dinerware system and go directly to your kitchen.

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