Credit Card Processing


  • One-time License Fee per phone
  • Add unlimited phones to a single gateway account
  • Merchant's cell plan = No out-of-coverage calls!
  • Meets Visa's Best Practices Guidelines


  • Swiped and manually entered credit cards
  • Signature Capture.  Touch screen phones only; signatures are stored at ePN along with the receipt
  • Email Receipts
  • Check Processing.  Manually keyed only; iPhone & Android devices only

Quickbooks Integration

Compatible with:

  • PRO
  • 2008 thru 2012

Not Compatible with:

  • POS
  • Mac
  • Online
  • Download Transactions from the ePN gateway into QuickBooks!

    "Batch downloads save 2 hours each week over manual updating of transactions."

    - QB Merchant Service User Study, 2004

    Auto Create Customers for Selected

    This creates a QB customer record - great for online sales from new customers.
  • In real time - apply credit card, check, gift card, and cash payments to invoices/sales receipts
  • Next day – batch download transactions to apply to customer invoices/sr
  • Upload Open Invoices into ePNBillPay
  • Click Here to view additional online demos

Receive Payment

  • From the Quickbooks homescreen click "Receive Payments"
  • Select customer from customer list
  • Enter payment amount
  • Then "Save & Close"
  • The ePN Process Payment window automatically comes up
  • NOTE: It includes the amount, invoice #, and customer info from QB
  • Select Credit/Gift, Check, or Cash payment

Virtual Terminals

How To Access

Transaction Types

  • Manually keyed or swiped Credit/Debit Cards
  • CVV2 & AVS available
  • Recurring
  • Manually Keyed Checks
  • No check reader support
  • Gift Cards & Loyalty
  • Purchase Cards, Level 2
  • Tax and Invoice Number
  • eMail Receipts
Shopping Carts

3rd Party Carts

  • ePN is integrated directly in a large number of carts; mostly complete list in RSC
  • If merchant already has one through another gateway, you can change the gateway provider in the software. Nothing changes on the front-end user interface!


  • Add to any Internet Basic gateway account for a one time license fee
  • Good when there are not a large number of products to sell
  • Good when products and pricing do not change often

Auth.net Emulator

  • Sends the transactions directly to ePN, but in the auth.net format
  • Nothing changes on the front-end user interface!
  • Need access to the URLs; ePN tech support will assist
  • Developers don't need to reprogram or test to ePN's format

Order Form Generator

Creates Order Pages Without Programming!
  • Link to existing web site, "PAY HERE"
  • Create new web site
  • Unlimited number of independent pages
  • SSL not required!
  • Eliminate paper invoices and costs
  • Accept credit, check, and gift card
  • Affordable!

ePN Bill Pay

How It Works
  • Create invoices
  • Log into Merchant Support to create new invoices
  • Use with ePNInventory to track product purchases
  • Option to download Open Invoices from ePNPlugIn
  • Email notices to customers
  • Includes link to a secure ePN Order Form
  • Customer clicks on link to pay
  • Email notification to merchant


Already a Merchant?

Contact Us to see how we can help integrate an Application Programming Interface (API)

Inventory Management

Step Two

In OLT, ePNJPOS, iPod touch, or OFG record product purchased prior to entering payment information

Step One

Create table of products, UPCs, quantity, and retail price.

Recurring Transactions

1) ePNRecur

Scheduled recurring payments with fixed dollar amount

2) Dynamic Recurring

Change a one-time sale into a scheduled recurring transaction

3) Card on File

Re-bill previous card or check used by a returning customer

Retail POS

  • Credit

  • Debit/PIN

  • Checks

  • Gift/Loyalty

  • Inventory

  • Cash Drawer

  • Barcode Scanner

  • Receipt Printer

Check Processing


GETI, Secure Payment Systems, EZ Check, Payliance, Cross Check, CCFS, and NCN agencies (view complete list here)

* MICR reader support is available for ePNJPOS and ePNPlugIn