Tabbedout is the cure for forgotten credit cards and missing out on a good time. Tabbedout’s goal is to make mobile payments a simple and secure process that is widely available, so that bars and restaurants can spend more time with their patrons.

The free Tabbedout app for iPhone and Android allows patrons to OPEN a tab with their mobile phone, VIEW their tab in real-time and PAY the tab anytime, anywhere. Tabbedout’s mobile payment solution integrates directly with the merchant’s point-of-sale (POS) system and does not require additional hardware.

Tabbed Out

Product and Solutions

Mobile Payments

Generate More Revenue

  • Using push notifications and social media, Tabbedout will drive in more patrons with location and deal awareness.
  • Eliminate the close out process for Tabbedout users - saves 2-5 minutes per check.
  • Attract new customers and develop loyalty based on the convenience and ease of Tabbedout.
  • Last call - Instead of waiting to close out their tab, patrons can drink right up to closing.

Increased Efficiency

  • Restaurant patrons can open a tab at the bar while waiting for a table, and then quickly close their tab when the table is ready.
  • Server efficiency gains of up to 15%* on a busy night allow you to serve more food and drinks, increasing your revenue and improving the patron experience.
  • Patrons can pay their portion of a split tab directly from Tabbedout - making it easier for your staff.

Mobile App Overview


Credit and debit card information is encrypted securely on the user’s phone, not on Tabbedout’s servers, and only the last four digits are displayed on the screen. If they like to keep things ultra secure, they can add a passphrase.


A random secret code is displayed on the screen each time they open a tab – that’s the only information that they need to provide the bartender or server.


If patrons are geo social, they can check-in using the share option and announce where they are to their social networks and encourage their friends to join them.


Once a patron opens a tab, they can view the details of their tab in real time. No buzz-kill surprises.


When the patron is ready to leave, they simply enter a tip and pay their tab with the touch of a button - anytime, anywhere.

Patron Benefits


Once a patron adds their credit card to Tabbedout, they no longer need to hand over their card to open a tab, reducing identity theft exposure and removing the hassle of dealing with a forgotten credit card.


Tabbedout is the only mobile payment solution that gives patrons real-time visibility into their tab activity. This level of control ensures that the patron is not surprised, and minimizes disputes. Patrons can also email themselves a copy of their receipt from within the app.


Patrons no longer have to wait to pay their tab. They simply use their phone and pay whenever they want, wherever they are. They can even split the tab and pay a portion while their friends pay however they prefer - i.e. Tabbedout, cash, credit, debit, etc.

Merchant Benefits

More Sales

Patrons pay on their own time, so bars and restaurants can serve more people, especially during peak hours.

More Security

No more cards left behind. Reduce PCI exposure by removing the exchange of a physical credit card. Merchants no longer need to worry about walked checks.

More Tips

Merchants are able to configure minimum and default tip percentages, ensuring that their staff is taken care of.

More Assurance

Payment information is validated upfront and the POS clearly notifies staff when a tab is paid.

More Customers

The merchant's name and location is placed in the hands of thousands of potential new customers every time they use the app.

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Social Media Presence

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Merchant FAQ

How does it work?

The patron shows you the unique five-digit code displayed within the app on their phone. You then match the code to a button displayed on your point-of-sale (POS) system. The patron's name and payment information is transferred directly to the POS terminal and a tab is open! From there, the ordering process is the same as usual, but the patron can view and pay their tab at any time from within the app.

Do I have to remember the code?

Once you select a code for the tab on your POS system, the rest of the process is the same as usual. Bartenders can pick up checks by name and servers can update checks by table.

Will my customers still tip me as much?

Tabbedout allows your management to set a default tip (which the patron can add to), ensuring you always get paid. So when you see an Android or iPhone, tell them about Tabbedout!

What if the patron's phone dies or what if he forgets to close out?

Since TabbedOut passes the payment information to the POS up front, you are protected from walked tabs, dead phones and other technical issues. The merchant is able to manually close the tab from within the POS at any time.

How much does Tabbedout cost?

Nothing - it's free to your patrons!

What does Tabbedout mean for me?

Tabbedout means you are freed up to serve more people and provide better customer service, particularly during peak hours. This translates to more orders taken and more tips received!